Officer Rules

Ship’s roles for characters. Each of these roles is filled on any spaceship found in the galaxy, sometimes these roles are filled by NPCs, sometimes by ship computers, AI, hive mind, etc. These roles are not class specific though some classes may favor one over another based on their primary abilities or skill sets. As part of the game each character should select one role to specialize in, which will primarily determine their role on the ship during ship to ship combat, any bonuses their rating or status generates for the ship/crew during combat.

First level PCs start with a rating of zero and most NPCs will never advance beyond rating zero. Since this campaign is starting at 3rd level the PCs will also have a rating of 3. Ships may over time develop an exceptional or legendary crew, generally this more common among capital ships or informal societies where crews are either selected from among millions of individuals for their exceptional skills or fate drives a single crew to achieve exceptional levels of experience through the struggle for survival against all odds. Legendary officers are generally assumed to survive the destruction of a ship in space combat. Any PC with a rating of 1 or higher is considered Legendary. Thus the loss of a ship is more a strategic/resource loss than the end of the game. Loss of life may still be considerable depending on the size of the crew.

SFB has specific rules regarding Legendary Officers that can be found by using the reference code listed.

Captain [V17.20]
Science Officer [V17.30]
• Helmsman [V17.40]
Weapons Officer [V17.50]
Chief Engineer [V17.60]
• Chief Medical Officer [V17.70]

The specifics of how I plan to use these roles can be found by clicking here

There are a few things to be aware of regarding the choice of roles. First and maybe the most important is that both the Chief Engineer and the Chief Medical Officer are not considered bridge officers. This means that most of their roleplay during ship to ship combat will be limited to comlinks. They could potentially find themselves isolated from the other officers during boarding actions, lucky internal hits to the bridge, or might be subject to other whims of the DM to further plot advancement.

Second as an Orion space pirate vessel it would be most appropriate for the ship to be captained by an Orion Female. This is mostly for purposes of flavor, and could be ignored if nobody wants to play an Orion female. As captain she would be assumed to be able to fill any officer role on the ship. She’d also expect her orders to be followed by other officers.

Finally, your role limits what actions and ship systems you might have access to at any given time. On most ships, the ship’s computers will be designed to recognize certain security protocols and individual limits to physical and electronic access in order to reduce the chances of sabotage, mutiny, or even slave revolt. Additionally Orion pirate ships are likely to have fail-safes, kill-switches, booby-traps, secret compartments, safety overrides, and other counter-measures which more lawful societies would outlaw or regulate. Generally one should not go snooping about outside of their authorized access.

That’s all for now on ship’s officer roles. Feel free to ask questions.

Officer Rules

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