Rum & Swagger

A modified Antares-class freighter



Armed with a 360 degree Phaser-3 defense turret and capable of Warp 4.5, this ship lacks both speed and firepower.


The Antares-class freighter is a type of starship operated by civilians for the United Federation of Planets and other organizations. Ships of the class are protected by standard deflector shields and can support crews of at least twelve. The Antares-class is capable of hauling a variety of freight, including deuridium, duridium, and dilithium. In addition, crews can also haul various types of supplies and material stipulated by contract.

The bridge is laid out in a more rectangular design rather than the circular pattern preferred by Starfleet. The rectangle runs starboard to port, with the fore end dominated by a viewscreen and the walls on either side feature doors. The helm control is in the front of the room and the other consoles line the aft walls and are usually unmanned. The center of the room features a captain’s chair. This is definitely a “working” ship with no frills. This is also an older vessel and does not have the clean, freshly scrubbed feeling of a Starfleet bridgeBridge.jpg

Won in a rigged card game on Denobula IV and promptly dubbed The Rum & Swagger by its new Orion captain, a skeleton crew of four now calls this salvaged small freighter home. As an aging freighter the ship is nearly 30 years old and has seen better days. Once the fastest warp capable civilian ship in the Antares-class line from the Mars Foundry, it is no longer capable of disengaging through use of flank speed from even much larger modern ships.

While still common in every port across known space, the ship lacks many of the capabilities and amenities of the new and popular Free Trader line. Many Antares-class freighters both large and small are being converted to drone ships and being relegated to short runs where their slower speeds can be mitigated. Fortunately old non-descript freighters still have a use for less savory sorts willing to put money and time into refitting them and modifying them for more clandestine purposes.

The Rum & Swagger has been heavily modified by it’s previous owner for use in smuggling operations.

Rum & Swagger

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